Liberty Health Sciences opens new dispensary in Florida

Liberty Health Sciences opens new dispensary in Florida

The new dispensary is going to catapult the company forward

Liberty Health Sciences (CNQ: LHS) is continuing to position itself more strategically within the hierarchy of the marijuana industry. It already has a strong foothold in the market and has announced a new addition to its portfolio that will help it take an even bigger piece. As of tomorrow, the company is launching its first dispensary in Florida.

The dispensary will be located in Dania Beach, which is in Broward County in southern Florida. Liberty states, “The Dania Beach location will serve a population of approximately 1.9 million people, and the new dispensary provides customers in the Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood area access to premium marijuana products in a relaxed environment that reinforces consistent quality, customer care and one-on-one education outreach.”

The company already has a strategic partnership with the Veterans Cannabis Project, which supports various research projects that seek to use cannabis-derived products to treat service-related trauma. It has also entered into a partnership agreement with AdaViv Inc. that will lead to an enhancement of cannabis production.

According to Liberty CEO George Scorsis, “We are aggressively accelerating our store count to fulfill our largest obligation, of which is [the] accessibility of pharma grade products. We are excited to open our Dania Beach location, which will prove to be a very popular destination as we continue to concentrate on making our premium products and services available to more customers across Florida. Dania Beach will continue to showcase our esthetically appealing and patient accommodating store layouts accompanied by innovative and engaging displays. The new dispensary also features a waiting room, along with private consultation rooms, to safely and comfortably serve our customers.”

Liberty’s positive growth has already helped shareholders see a 10% return over the past month. It has been gaining a lot of interest by investors and has recently been trading at volumes 21% higher than its previous longer-run averages.

As the company continues to push forward, it plans on capitalizing on its expansion efforts. It is determined to always offer “operational excellence from seed to sale” and has so far been able to adhere to that policy.