Liberty Health Sciences ready for more gains

Liberty Health Sciences ready for more gains

The company has bounced back from new lows earlier this year

Liberty Health Sciences (CNQ: LHS) started the year a little wobbly, thanks in no small part to misinformation provided publicly by a short seller. Since then, the company has been able to push forward and hasn’t bothered paying attention to the past. It has ramped up operations in Florida and continues to receive approval for a number of products, showing that regulators are not buying the bad publicity that circulated late last year, either.

Liberty has seen its shares turn around, recovering from new lows at the beginning of the year. It has worked hard at increasing its footprint in the Sunshine State and now operates 13 dispensaries, with more on the way. It has also secured licenses from the Florida Department of Health to sell flower products, becoming one of the first companies authorized to do so in the state. That news marked an important step for the company and got investors talking. When it was approved for pre-rolls just a few days later, it gained even strength.

The company has also forged new pacts with companies such as Werc Shop that will see it bring cannabis terpene technologies to patients across Florida. As it continues to create new alliances and expand its cultivation operations in the state, it is quickly becoming one of the main cannabis companies in Florida.

The Department of Health has also authorized another 80,000 square feet of Liberty’s Liberty 360 Innovation campus for cannabis cultivation. This is seen as a huge success for the company and recent changes to Florida law that make cannabis access easier are supporting Liberty’s efforts.

According to Liberty interim CEO Victor E. Mancebo, “We continue to aggressively pick up momentum we had in the tail end of 2018, and in 2019 we have announced the opening of three dispensaries, marking this the fourth to open this year. Our Gainesville location will be designed like all of our other sites to bring a contemporary wellness environment with focus on premium patient service.”

He adds, “Cannabis compositions created by The Werc Shop have long been market leaders on the West Coast, and we are excited to bring this technology and expertise to Florida. With access to this team and their intellectual property, Liberty will rapidly advance on our efforts to deliver the best cannabis products to the patients of Florida.”