Liberty Health signs licensing deal with Werc

Liberty Health signs licensing deal with Werc

The company will use The Werc Shop’s patented technology

Liberty Health Sciences (CNQ: LHS) has announced a new partnership with The Werc Shop, a scientific consulting group that specializes in cannabis terpene analysis and formulations. The deal will see the company use The Werc Shop’s patented and patent-pending technology in order to provide consistent and standardized medical cannabis products to the Florida market.

According to Liberty Health interim CEO Victor Mancebo, “We are excited to be working with such a powerful technology. [Werc founder and CEO] Dr. Jeffrey Raber and his team have an incredible depth of understanding of the science of cannabis, which is reflected in the professional products they deliver to the market. Cannabis compositions created by The Werc Shop have long been market leaders on the West Coast, and we’re excited to bring this technology and know-how to Florida. With access to this team and their intellectual property, Liberty will rapidly advance on our efforts to deliver the best cannabis products to the patients of Florida.”

The Werc Shop has been around since 2010, creating scientific solutions for markets in the medical cannabis arena. It now holds eight patients associated with its technologies, with a number of other patent applications filed. It was the first company to analyze the “fingerprints” of more than a thousand unique cannabis strains and has built a scientific knowledge base that has helped develop the terpene market.

Mancebo adds, “At Liberty, we pride ourselves in providing our patients with the highest quality medicinal cannabis products in the market,” said Mancebo. “Partnering with The Werc Shop solidifies our commitment to provide top-grade cannabis-derived products for our patients.”

The Werc Shop helps licensed cannabis businesses to innovate and produce high-quality products to meet a diverse market. It is a scientist-led organization that has over 100 years of combined experience studying and developing cannabis and cannabis products.

Raber states, “We’re very excited to bring our cannabis formulation expertise to Florida with Liberty Health Sciences. This relationship will further our goals of delivering superior cannabis formulations to adults across the wellness spectrum. We look forward to developing specialized cannabis compositions for the Florida market through our relationship with Liberty.”

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