Company Overview

Company name: VIVO Cannabis (TSX: VIVO)
Also known as: ABcann
Description: Manufacturer and developer of cannabis based medicines. The company’s cannabis based medicines are chemical and pesticide free, grown in soil in small batches using standardized growing methods, enabling patients and physicians to get quality and affordable cannabis based medicines.
Year founded: 2012
Parent company:
Industry: Healthcare | Group: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology | Code:
Employees: 53
City: Napanee
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
Region: Americas

Financial Highlights

Start up capital raised (USD Million): 19.52
Business status: Generating Revenue/Not Profitable
Ownership: Publicly Held
Exchange: TSX
Ticker: VIVO
Revenue (USD Million): 1.46
Gross profit (USD Million): -1.46
Net income (USD Million) -17.82
Enterprise value: 119.37
Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA): -13.71
Fiscal period: TTM 2Q2018
Financing Status: Cannabis Wheaton Income (TSX :CBW) acquired an undisclosed stake in the company (TSX: ABCN) for $15 million on August 2, 2017. This acquisition will enable Cannabis Wheaton Income to enhance the overall strength of their platform. The initial investment forms part of a larger phased investment by Cannabis Wheaton to fund an additional 50,000 square feet at ABcann’s second production facility. The joint expansion is in addition to ABcann’s current construction plans for a 100,000 square foot purpose built facility, with both being located on ABcann’s 65 acre Kimmett property in Napanee, Ontario.
Number of active investors:
Profile last updated: 08-Sep-2018
Last known valuation: 58.58
Last known valuation date: 08-May-2017