Martha Stewart’s CBD products now available through Canopy Growth

Martha Stewart’s CBD products now available through Canopy Growth

The Martha Stewart CBD brand can be purchased through the cannabis company’s eCommerce platform

Once the queen of the kitchen, Martha Stewart is now the queen of cannabis. She has become a high-profile personality who campaigns for the benefits of cannabis products and has continued to enjoy a large following over the years.

Stewart also has several cannabis brands to her credit, one of which specifically targets the benefits of the cannabis compound cannabidiol (CBD) in the form of edibles. Canopy Growth, one of the leading cannabis retailers in the world, allows consumers to purchase the CBD products directly from its eCommerce platform, Shop Canopy.

Stewart’s CBD product line includes a variety of softgels, oil drops, gummies and more, all designed to enhance health and wellness. She has “developed an innovative line of wellness products that combine gourmet flavors with the purest, safest CBD isolate, derived from 100% natural US hemp,” according to Canopy Growth, and all of the products are backed by Stewart and the company. Some of the available options include CBD Wellness Berry Medley Gummies, CBD Meyer Lemon Oil Drops and CBD Wellness Citrus Medley Gummies.

Canopy Growth adds, “[Stewart’s] CBD journey involved a deep investigation of the research conducted into the science of CBD to this point and, eventually, to her partnership with Canopy Growth—the world leader in cannabinoid innovation and a pioneer in the medicinal use of CBD. Canopy became the leader in CBD because consumers trust the quality and safety of its products. Among the companies marketing hemp-derived CBD products, Canopy was the first to be traded on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges, and the first to partner with a Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods company: Constellation Brands. Canopy is proudly dedicated to educating healthcare practitioners, conducting robust clinical research, and furthering the public’s understanding of cannabinoids.”

Canopy Growth offers a variety of cannabis products through its Shop Canopy eCommerce platform, bringing together the best names on the market. This makes it simple to choose the right products for the right occasion, while ensuring consumers are able to purchase from a reputable, licensed company.

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