New Liberty Health Sciences dispensary comes to Florida

New Liberty Health Sciences dispensary comes to Florida

Ayr Wellness launches its 41st Liberty Health Sciences dispensary in the Sunshine State

Expansion into the Florida marijuana market appears to be a pretty smart strategy. Leading vertically integrated multi-state cannabis operator (MSO) Ayr Wellness Inc. doesn’t want to pass up this wonderful opportunity and that’s why it just announced the opening of Liberty Health Sciences West Pensacola, the 41st operating dispensary the company has in the Sunshine State. The latest keeps Ayr Wellness on track with its goal to open more than 50 in the state in the coming months.

The new West Pensacola dispensary is about 1,330 sq. ft. and is located at 2146 W. 9 Mile Rd. Pensacola, FL. This opening comes as Ayr expands its presence in the important and growing market of Pensacola, the westernmost city in the state’s Panhandle. Having a dispensary here is a good move for the company, as it is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Gulf Coast region, with a population of more than half a million.

At the new location, consumers will have the opportunity to select from a wide range of LHS flower strains, in addition to Big Pete’s Cookies and Secret Orchard vape cartridges, the company’s recently launched Origyn concentrates. “We continue to increase our retail footprint in Florida, now 41 stores, enabled by the improvements that we have made to our Gainesville cultivation facility. We continue to improve the overall consumer experience to reach Ayr’s high standards and are very proud of the progress that our team has made in the short time that we’ve owned the business,” said Jonathan Sandelman, CEO of Ayr.

In Florida, the medical marijuana market has a huge impact. The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use reported more than 612,000 registered patients as of September 17, which represents an increase of nearly 50% year over year. Ayr has been establishing its footprint in the state for some time now, as it knows there is great potential to be tapped there.