Oral cannabis sprays offered by Aurora Cannabis are a great way to find relief

Oral cannabis sprays offered by Aurora Cannabis are a great way to find relief

The cannabis company is driving innovation in the medical cannabis space

Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB), one of the largest cannabis corporations in the North American region, is bringing to the market a new medication that can offer individuals relief anywhere they are. An oral spray that can help people get the long-lasting effects of cannabis oil, but with a better dosage measurement, has been introduced by Aurora and should prove to be highly successful. The company has been working on developing new products to gain more market share, and this new line of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oral sprays are part of that goal.

These products represent an easy-to-use, pocket-sized, inhalation-free method of consumption that also allows a better dosage accuracy. They are already calling the attention of main operators in the industry, as the original CBD Oral Spray and THC Oral Spray was voted Top Cannabis Spray at the 2019 Canadian Cannabis Awards. The sprays come in two different flavors, Peppermint THC and Ginger-Lemon CBD, and they require zero preparation. To use, the person only has to point the nozzle into the cheek or under the tongue and give it a couple of minutes to experience immediate relief.

The CBD version of the product, the THC Oral Spray formulation, comes with only two simple and pure ingredients: MCT oil and a cannabis extract rich in CBD. Each bottle contains 15 ml, and it yields at least 120 full activation sprays. So, each spray would give the user 22 to 25 mg/ml of CBD. On the other hand, the Ginger-Lemon CBD Oral Spray was made with MCT oil, ginger, and lemon oils besides the CBD-rich extract. Each dose of this product delivers 2.6 mg of CBD, approximately. Finally, the THC Oral Spray, the award-winning option, also contains up to 120 full activation sprays in a 15 ml bottle, and each spray delivers a 22 to 25 mg/ml of THC. There is also the THC spray peppermint version, which is made with MCT oil, THC-rich cannabis extract and peppermint oil for a bright, minty finish, and it contains the same number of dosages.

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