Research gives support for Charlotte’s Web’s CBD topicals

Research gives support for Charlotte’s Web’s CBD topicals

Clinical studies show that Charlotte’s Web has hit the target with its CBD products

Charlotte’s Web Holdings‘ cannabidiol (CBD) products appear to be gaining quality ground now that a number of investigations have been concluded. The leader in this growing market has released the results of these different bodies of clinical research on the frequent use of Charlotte’s Web CBD Clinic brand topicals in regular and hot stone massages.

Both clinical safety tests used CBD Clinic Relax Massage Cream. The first was a repeated insult patch, while the other was based on a five-week clinical study with 60 subjects. According to the results obtained, it could be determined that the constant high-frequency use (usual for massage therapists) with these products did not lead to the systemic release of cannabinoid metabolites into the bloodstream. It was also found that CBD Clinic massage products do not have any irritating reactions on the skin.

Based on the results of the studies, an expert opinion paper was prepared. This document was prepared by third-party clinical research organizations, an extensive literature review and the CW Labs division of Charlotte’s Web. Dr. Sherry Bradford, Ph.D., Biochemistry, was responsible for preparing the document. “The scientific data and research performed on the safety and skin permeation of Charlotte’s Web CBD Clinic hemp topical products support safe repeated use by MTs [massage therapists], for massage clients, and in normal (heat generated from friction only) and hot stone (additional heat applied) massages,” she said.

Charlotte’s Web, considered a certified B corporation, has made it clear over the years that it is highly committed to the establishment of a responsible industry. In order to achieve this, the firm relies on science and transparency, ensuring that its consumers have access to high-quality products. Studies such as these, supported by the company’s CW Labs division, are a clear indication of that effort.

“These research findings and expert opinion add to the growing body of evidence-based research for Charlotte’s Web CBD Clinic topical products,” said Tim Orr, president of Charlotte’s Web R&D division, CW Labs. The executive assures that massage therapists can now rest assured that they are working with some of the highest quality and safest CBD products on the market.