Shareholder support for Tilray’s stock plans continues to increase

Shareholder support for Tilray’s stock plans continues to increase

The cannabis company’s plans to offer more shares to boost expansion should be approved

It is well known that shareholder approval for a company’s future plans is more than necessary; otherwise, these projects could collapse, affecting the company’s long-term strategies. However, it is of utmost importance that shareholders have the necessary knowledge to understand how these plans could positively affect the growth and well-being of the company and thus be able to vote in favor of them. Tilray, the world’s leading consumer packaged goods and cannabis lifestyle company, wants to issue more shares to cover expansion, and the idea is being received well by industry analysts.

Tilray’s Special Meeting of Shareholders is coming up and, in order to achieve a positive outcome, the company a new partnership of independent advisory firms. ISS, a leading independent proxy research firm, will now begin working hand-in-hand with Glass Lewis, a leading independent provider of proxy research and voting recommendations to the investment community. The idea of this partnership is to be able to recommend that Tilray shareholders vote in favor of the proposals that Tilray plans to present at this meeting on July 29th.

“We are pleased that the two leading independent proxy advisory firms agree that shareholders should support all of the proposals on the agenda for the upcoming Special Meeting of Shareholders,” said Irwin D. Simon, Tilray’s chairman and chief executive officer. “Proposal 1, in particular, is a critical part of our strategy to capture market share and drive profitable growth. Glass Lewis’ endorsement affirms our belief that Proposal 1 is in the best interests of our shareholders.”

Should the proposals on the agenda be approved, the company’s shareholders will have the opportunity to actively participate in the growth of the company as such, including expansion and generation of solid performance, and to capture substantial growth opportunities. All of this will result in the rights of shareholders receiving a significant increase. Tilray has asked shareholders to give their approval so that these key initiatives can become a reality and drive the company’s strategic growth.