Supreme Cannabis Company’s 7ACRES facility running strong

Supreme Cannabis Company’s 7ACRES facility running strong

The wholly owned subsidiary continues to drive the company’s growth in North America

Supreme Cannabis Company has a number of operations under its umbrella, including Blissco, Sugar Leaf, Hi Way, Truverra and 7ACRES. The latter has become just one of the company’s success stories, and was its first flagship brand. As the cannabis industry continues to grow across North America, 7ACRES is helping it expand its operations, offering a 440,000-square-foot facility that houses 250,000 square feet of production space. Located in Tiverton, Ontario, it is in an ideal spot to cater to Canada’s market, and could also become part of the constantly growing market in the US.

The facility provides proprietary processing with an automated packaging system that lends itself to efficient visual inspections. It cultivates 33,580 kg of cannabis each year, and is looking to increase the amount to 50,000 kg a year. According to the company, its greenhouse “is built to harness the power of the sun and improve the quality of the cannabis flower. The unique greenhouse design utilizes the power of the sun to increase terpenes and resin development throughout the life cycle of the plant. This unique growing technique, paired with innovative processing techniques, allows for a finely cured and polished product that consumer across Canada enjoy.”

7ACRES has received several awards over the past couple of years. Two of these are the “Brand of the Year” award from the Lift & Co. Canadian Cannabis Awards, which it took home in 2018 and 2019. It has also received the 2019 GrowUp “Craft Grower of the Year” award, which it was presented last year.

Supreme Cannabis continues to develop in one of the largest legal markets found globally. With Canada being one of the first countries to legalize cannabis from one border to the other, the market is ripe for explosion, and the next couple of years are going to see the emergence of a more stable and lucrative industry.