Supreme Cannabis, humble+fume enter new sales agency agreement

Supreme Cannabis, humble+fume enter new sales agency agreement

The new partnership will expand the product offerings of both cannabis companies

A new partnership in the cannabis industry is taking a line of marijuana recreational products and accessories to be distributed in Canada in a new agreement. One of North America’s biggest distributors of cannabis accessories, humble+fume, just announced a landmark sales agreement with Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. This deal comes in a great time to enter the Canadian market, which is accelerating the opening of stores nationwide, as a complete solution of cannabis brands and accessories to retailers.

With the explosion of cannabis dispensaries in the country, more people are leaving the decision making a part for when they are in the store. Therefore, it becomes very significant for companies to have a strong presence in the retail markets and develop a loyalty relationship with their clients. This partnership with Supreme Cannabis gives humble+fume an edge as it can be present across all the country, bringing all its cannabis brands and accessories from coast to coast.

Humble+fume will be building Supreme Cannabis brands initially at a store level, and it will start with a 14-people team dedicated to sales and distribution, as well as other tasks such as brand advocacy and budtender education. The cannabis brands included in Supreme Cannabis’s portfolio include Blissco, Sugarleaf, and its premium 7ACRES brand that is also an award-winner.

Also collaborating in this new partnership will be Pax Labs and KKE. These brands were introduced by Supreme Cannabis, and it will continue to provide cannabis flower, pre-rolls, vape products, as wells as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) oils concentrate. The products won’t be competing against each other as they are more complementary to current humble+fume’s portfolio that has a high-quality line up of concentrate products. Also, part of humble+fume are included some renowned brands that are leaders in the market, such as RYOT, GRAV, PULSAR, and Canadian Lumber.