TerrAscend becomes first cannabis company to have its app in the Apple App Store

TerrAscend becomes first cannabis company to have its app in the Apple App Store

The app allows cannabis consumers in two states to place orders

Cannabis giant TerrAscend recently announced the launch of The Apothecarium, an app for cannabis retailing from Apple iOS devices. With the arrival of this news, users can now place to-go orders at The Apothecarium dispensaries in Maplewood and Phillipsburg, New Jersey, and Capitola, California.

Among the company’s future plans, it is expected to expand the availability of mobile applications to other parts of the country. The Apothecarium app provides an attractive, seamless, and informative way for cannabis consumers and patients to order their cannabis products online.

The app will provide customers with convenient features such as order tracking, live chat, as well as unique search functions to help them find the right products based on the user’s needs and desires. Apothecarium customers in the Golden State will also be able to use the digital payment and delivery features.

“Our app allows customers to instantly connect with our dispensaries while providing more options in a personalized digital environment,” said Jason Wild, CEO of TerrAscend. “This launch completes our omnichannel offering – the app is integrated into our retail and e-commerce experiences.”

Under applicable state laws, all sales must be made by consumers who are 21 years of age or older. The company has made it clear that customer identification will be thoroughly verified throughout the stages of the purchase and delivery process. This suggests that the delivery person will most likely ask for an ID document proving the age of the purchaser upon the final delivery of the product.

The cannabis delivery service began to boom with the arrival of the pandemic, and although COVID-19 has now slowly faded away, it is still a very convenient service. This is essentially true for those who use their cannabis for medicinal purposes and their condition does not allow them to travel to a dispensary easily.

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