TerrAscend debuts Cookies And Gage Brands in New Jersey

TerrAscend debuts Cookies And Gage Brands in New Jersey

The cannabis company has found new territory for some of its best-selling products

New Jersey now appears to be the market where TerrAscend is focusing its product launches. The leading North American cannabis operator kicked off the month of June by announcing that Cookies and Gage brand products will now be on the shelves of the Garden State’s retail stores starting next week. The Apothecarium in Maplewood and Phillipsburg will be the locations where consumers can get these popular products.

With a strong presence and popularity in California, Cookies intends to have the same reach in the new state. The brand co-founded by rapper and entrepreneur Berner has been recognized worldwide and now there are more and more states where it can be found. Cookies is not only known for its revolutionary genetics but also has a diverse selection of over 70 cannabis cultivars and 2,000 products.

New Jersey will see initial products with eighths of patented strains, including Gary Payton, Georgia Pie, Apples and Bananas, Soap, Doggy Bag, Pancakes, Jealousy and Laughing Gas. Once the brand is established in New Jersey TerrAscend plans to offer branded products additions, including cultivars, accessories and vape cartridges at its “Cookies Corners.” Should the necessary regulatory approvals be obtained, these new products will also be placed in the three New Jersey Apothecarium dispensaries.

Debuting three years ago, Gage, Michigan’s premium cannabis brand, has become a highly recognized name in the state. Not only is Gage known for its high quality, world-class cannabis genetics, but its stores have been awarded for the high-quality experience they provide.

In addition, Gage grows exceptional cannabis with uncompromisingly high standards for customers who love and respect flower potency. The acquisition of Gage was finalized by TerrAscend two months ago. Gage’s East Coast presence includes eighths and liquid live resin cartridges in Banana Bread and Kush Mintz cultivars.

“We’re excited to be launching these influential cannabis brands in the fastest growing adult-use market on the East Coast” said Jason Wild, Executive Chairman of TerrAscend. “Launching Cookies and Gage alongside our Kind Tree and Valhalla brands demonstrates our commitment to offering the best products and experiences in the Garden State.”