TerrAscend has a new chief legal officer to help guide its cannabis operations

TerrAscend has a new chief legal officer to help guide its cannabis operations

Lynn Gefen offers her extensive legal experience to help TerrAscend continue to grow

The Chief Legal Officer (CLO) is a figure that transcends the legal department of a company. His or her actions have a significant impact on how the organization performs in the marketplace, how it deals with problems and how it anticipates obstacles in the industry. Therefore, this leader of the legal area of the company is a fundamental part of the decision-making process, as he or she is capable of dictating the correct way to follow a business path in which the rest of the organizations fail, stumble and fall. TerrAscend seeks to ensure that this position is handled in the best possible way and has appointed Lynn Gefen to achieve this goal.

The leading North American cannabis operator yesterday announced the appointment of Gefen, who, in addition to taking on the role of CLO, will also serve as Corporate Secretary effective May 23, 2022. Gefen has more than 20 years of in-house and law firm experience, which made her the right candidate TerrAscend was looking for in an effort to provide enhanced guidance on future operations. Previously, Gefen served in multiple legal roles for internationally recognized companies, especially in the alcoholic beverage, insurance and technology industries.

“With his extensive experience in high-growth and highly regulated industries, Lynn is the ideal person to lead our legal team,” said Jason Wild, CEO of TerrAscend. “We are thrilled to welcome Lynn to the team and look forward to leveraging her knowledge and experience as we continue to expand and scale our footprint in some of the most attractive cannabis markets in the country.”

Gefen’s most recent roles include Deputy General Counsel, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer and Assistant Secretary at HomeServe, an independent provider of home repair service solutions. She said she is honored to be part of the legal team for a company with prominence in the cannabis industry. She intends to leverage her knowledge and experience to build high-performing teams to help the company meet all of its strategic objectives.