TerrAscend to offer free cannabis expungement services in New Jersey

TerrAscend to offer free cannabis expungement services in New Jersey

The cannabis company continues its mission of aiding social reform

TerrAscend continues to be one of those companies in the cannabis industry looking to make amends for many of the problems of the past. The war on drugs meant that many people had to pay wrongful convictions. Now, the track record prevents them from being able to continue on a proper course. That is why North America’s leading cannabis operator recently announced that it has teamed up with New Jersey law firm The Hoffman Centers to grant free services to all those individuals seeking expungement of cannabis-related criminal records.

The effort, called the THCSponge Expungement Program, will be sponsored by The Apothecarium. Through the initiative, Hoffman aims to correct the harms, both historical and current, related to marijuana prohibition. This restorative justice effort seeks to ensure that people with past or current marijuana-related convictions can start fresh, without being judged for a wrong that is now legally permissible in several states, including the Garden State.

“TerrAscend is excited to announce this campaign alongside Hoffman, which will give back to New Jersey communities in a meaningful way,” said Jason Wild, Executive Chairman of TerrAscend. “We recognize that a criminal record can have a debilitating, generational impact on both the individual and their family, affecting employment, housing, educating, voting, and much more. We are proud to help our patients, customers and community members start with a clean slate.”

Being expelled from a cannabis-related conviction has undoubtedly become a golden opportunity for many people today. A blemished record closes a lot of doors to those people who want to start over in working life, for example. Hoffman and TerrAscend want to become that bridge for ex-convicts to have the same freedoms and be able to get rid of the facts that are not serious today.