TerrAscend to participate in several upcoming conferences

TerrAscend to participate in several upcoming conferences

The cannabis operator is getting the new year off to a good start as the cannabis industry expands

2021 is expected to be a good year for cannabis companies in the US. Optimism is already being seen, based on the improvements in the cannabis stock market, and substantial growth could come as a result of changes on Capitol Hill. Looking at what’s in store and planning for a bright future, cannabis operator TerrAscend is ready to embrace a new era of cannabis expansion in the US and will participate in two conferences this month, exploring how things are changing.

Both of the conferences are going to be held at essentially the same time, so TerrAscend executives are going to be busy. CEO and Executive Chairman Jason Ackerman, along with Chief Financial Officer Keith Stauffer and Chairman Jason Wild, are all tapped to be in several places at once – virtually, of course, because of COVID-19, ready to provide participants with their insight into what is going to transpire this year and beyond in the cannabis industry.

The first event is the ATB 9th Annual Institutional Investor Conference, which will be held January 12-14. Ackerman will be part of a fireside chat on the last day of the conference and will also host one-on-one investor meetings that morning. The fireside chat session is scheduled to begin at 12:20 PM Eastern Time.

The second event will run from January 11-15. This is the 23rd Annual Needham Growth Conference, at which Ackerman will also lead a fireside chat on Day 4. That event will kick off at 2:45 PM, and he will also be on hand to participate in one-on-one investor meetings throughout the afternoon. Registration for the event is already open.

The other TerrAscend executives will be on hand to offer their views on what is going on in the cannabis ecosystem and will be accessible through the conference platforms. With a great number of changes expected to come to the US this year, both at the state and the federal level, this is a great opportunity for conference participants to hear first-hand what a leading company in the space is doing to prepare for new opportunities.