TerrAscend’s Gage Cannabis is gifting Midwest CannaNurses a social equity grant

TerrAscend’s Gage Cannabis is gifting Midwest CannaNurses a social equity grant

The award is the fourth for the cannabis company

TerrAscend subsidiary Cage Cannabis has been conducting a social equity grant in order to create an equal opportunity market. According to a recent announcement, Midwest CannaNurses (MCN), a holistic health and wellness education consulting firm, has been the fourth beneficiary of this program.

The leading brand and operator of high-quality cannabis in Michigan considers this Detroit-based, minority-owned company eligible to obtain the necessary resources to move forward with its development. MCN focuses primarily on education advocacy, health, and inclusion, with a focus on marijuana as an alternative therapy.

Biyyiah Lee, co-founder and CEO of MCN, says the firm is extremely grateful to receive this generous grant from Gage. The funds will go towards helping MCN’s mission to educate the community about the alternative and therapeutic benefits the plant has to offer to human health and wellness.

“With this contribution, we will be able to provide professional development for nurses and allied health professionals and expand our community outreach efforts by holding more educational seminars for the public,” adds the CEO. “We’re glad to see companies like Gage seeking opportunities to support organizations that uplift diverse communities. This social equity grant will enable us to continue advocating for safe and informed cannabis use.”

A group of licensed nurses believed they were capable of normalizing cannabis as medicine and so they joined forces two years ago to bring MCN to life. Since then, the company has been working around the clock to close the gap in public awareness. To overcome that stigma, MCN has made several educational efforts, enough to create awareness and to make it clear that cannabis has more benefits than disadvantages.

MCN expands throughout Michigan to offer consulting services focused on marijuana as medicine. In addition, it addresses issues such as safe use, dosage titration, routes of administration and individualized CannaPlans.