Three reasons Aurora Cannabis needs to be in investors’ portfolios

Three reasons Aurora Cannabis needs to be in investors’ portfolios

The cannabis leader continues to prove that it is a market leader

Aurora Cannabis may be going through a stock market dry spell, but this is true of many publicly traded companies. However, while certain entities deserve to be viewed for potential removal from portfolios, Aurora deserves to remain intact, or be added if not already part of the lineup.  The reasons are simple.

Ask the United Nations. The international body shows that around 180 million people consume cannabis products, and this is only expected to increase. As more jurisdictions around the world continue to legalize cannabis consumption, it could become as commonplace as is alcohol use or even daily workout routines.

Arcview Market Research seconds the opinion, asserting that the compound annual growth rate for cannabis consumption is around 26.7%. This translates into increased opportunities for many companies in the industry and Aurora already has the international presence to grab a large piece of the market.

Aurora has an extremely strong platform. It is well positioned to scale beyond any other company’s potential, having facilities established in Canada, South America and various countries in Europe. Its recent acquisition of Hempco Food and Fiber in the US also gives it a strategic advantage when nationwide cannabis legalization occurs in the country.

Beyond recreational marijuana use, which also meets with more resistance, medical use is receiving a tremendous amount of support.  Aurora recognizes this and is allocating resources to manage the medical industry. Not only is it going to be able to distribute to the segment, but it is also leading research into medical marijuana to help ascertain the positive traits of the plant. It has either completed or is still involved in 40 different clinical trials and case studies, and is steadily building its support for the medical market.

Putting all of the pieces together shows a clear picture of what the future holds for Aurora. It also shows what’s in store for those investors who add the company’s stock to their portfolio. In both cases, nothing but good things are coming.