Tilray enthusiastic about Europe’s cannabis market as Luxembourg visits Portugal site

Tilray enthusiastic about Europe’s cannabis market as Luxembourg visits Portugal site

Luxembourg’s Ministry of Health paid a visit to Tilray’s facilities in Portugal recently

The presence of Tilray Brands is becoming more and more imminent in the Old Continent. The world leader in cannabis-related products has now opened the doors to an important visit to the company’s European campus and facilities located in Cantanhede, Portugal. The delegation of the Luxembourg Ministry of Health is undoubtedly a very relevant guest, considering that Tilray’s operations in Europe are consolidating.

Tilray’s medical cannabis manufacturing and cultivation facilities in Portugal have the important EU GMP certification. The mission of this location is to provide Luxembourg and Europe in general with reliable and safe access to cannabis for a better quality of life. The visit was organized with the goal of giving the Luxembourg delegation a clearer and more detailed idea about the firm’s operations in Portugal.

Portugal is currently considered the main center of medical cannabis in the whole continent, and that is why Tilray has opted for its lands to expand its operations. The delegation included important names such as H. Conrad Bruch, Luxembourg Ambassador to Portugal; Paulette Lenert, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health of Luxembourg; Alain Origer, National Drug Coordinator; Bob Lessel, Department of Social Health, among others.

“We are honored to host the Luxembourg Ministry of Health Delegation at our state-of-the-art cannabis facility in Cantanhede, Portugal,” Sascha Mielcarek, Tilray’s Managing Director in Europe, said. “Demand for cannabis legalization in Europe is growing rapidly, and we are incredibly proud to service the patients in Luxembourg and around the world with the high-quality medical cannabis products they rely on and in the formats they prefer.”

Tilray is recognized for being a pioneer when it comes to commitment to producing the highest quality cannabis products available to consumers and patients around the world. In fact, this company was the first in the cannabis industry to be able to successfully export medical cannabis from North America and import medical cannabis products into the EU in 2016.