Tilray expands medical marijuana presence in Australia

Tilray expands medical marijuana presence in Australia

The cannabis company is launching a new education platform for the healthcare industry

The world leader in consumer and lifestyle cannabis products, Tilray, seems to continue to do business in different parts of the world in order to position itself at the top of the industry. On this occasion, the company that inspires and empowers the global community to live their best life, announced a few hours ago the expansion of its medical marijuana product offering in Australia, in addition to introducing a new medical cannabis virtual learning platform for providers specializing in healthcare.

International Director and CSO Denise Faltischek made it clear that Tilray is doing whatever it takes to continue to transform the industry globally. In order to do so, the company continues to make use of its highly scalable footprint and take advantage of the extensive range of cannabis products under its portfolio.

Tilray is aware of the growing demand for medical cannabis in the world. It remains committed to providing both patients and healthcare professionals with reliable and safe access to medical cannabis products of unparalleled quality.

“After listening to patient feedback and leveraging learnings from our operations in Germany, we are excited to be introducing new products in Australia that meet consumer needs,” she added.

Tilray’s recent product offering in the Land Down Under received approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Special Access and Authorized Prescriber Scheme. Its core focus is based on its whole flower options that include different cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contents.

With respect to the new medical cannabis educational platform, Tilray seeks to provide a primary focus on the importance of understanding the benefits derived from the use of medical cannabis so that professionals can work in a more appropriate manner.

So far, the leading cannabis company has successfully implemented multiple medical cannabis workshops in Australia and New Zealand, educating a large number of healthcare professionals last year.

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