Tilray expands medical marijuana presence in Malta

Tilray expands medical marijuana presence in Malta

The global cannabis company continues to become more global

Tilray Brands’ international footprint just keeps growing. In the latest updates from the leading global cannabis company, it has been indicated that its medical cannabis division, Tilray Medical, has completed the necessary paperwork to expand its medical market offering in Malta. To achieve this, it has launched the first EU GMP medical cannabis products in this European country.

Maltese consumers can now find all of these EU-GMP medical cannabis products in pharmacies across the country, providing them with reliable and safe access to medical cannabis that exceeds any quality standards.

“Demand for medical cannabis in Malta is growing rapidly and we are incredibly proud to service patients with the high-quality medical cannabis products they rely on and in the formats they prefer,” said Denise Faltischek, Tilray’s CSO and Head of International Business.

According to the policies and laws in place in Malta, patients have the possibility to obtain medical cannabis prescriptions and a medical cannabis card through their family doctors. The Superintendent of Public Health of Malta is in charge of issuing all these medical cannabis cards.

Tilray is known to be a company that, since its inception, has been committed to the manufacture of EU GMP certified pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana products. These are distributed in different parts of the world, making it the first company capable of successfully exporting medical cannabis from North America and importing medical cannabis products into the US in 2016.

Tilray Medical’s main objective is to transform the lives of many patients worldwide and to promote the dignity of patients in need through reliable and safe access to a global portfolio of medical cannabis brands. Today, Tilray Medical is recognized as one of the largest suppliers of medical cannabis brands to doctors, patients, pharmacies, hospitals and more in a total of 20 countries and on five continents.