Tilray introduces new medical cannabis brand

Tilray introduces new medical cannabis brand

The cannabis company isn’t wasting any time introducing new products following its merger with Aphria

The recently-completed merger between Tilray and Aphria, which created the largest cannabis company in the industry, has already started to provide additional benefits. The new Tilray is launching two new product lines that are going to help catapult the company even higher in the market. It has introduced the launch of the Symbios medical cannabis brand, as well as new high-potency cannabis topicals that will be distributed under the Aphria brand.

Symbios was created to offer a broader range of formats and cannabinoid ratios for the company’s existing medical cannabis selection. It will also provide better price points, making it more accessible to medical cannabis patients, and will come in flower, oils and pre-rolls. The products are already available for purchase through the company’s website.

Irwin D. Simon, Tilray’s Chief Executive Officer, asserts, “Medical cannabis innovation and patient care are core to the new Tilray’s business and global growth strategy. As we look ahead, we remain focused on building momentum across our three medical brands – Symbios, Aphria, and Tilray — while meeting the large and growing demand for new, high-quality cannabis products that promote health, wellness, and wellbeing.”

The new products being added to the Aphria line are designed to target inflammatory joint disease. They can help regulate tissue inflammation through topical application and are made from a “vegan and cruelty-free” cream foundation. The products contain 750mg of cannabidiol (CBD) and the company’s blended formula of 375mg CBD and 375mg tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Tilray Canada President Jim Meiers adds, “Symbios and our new Aphria topical treatments are exciting new additions to our medical portfolio in Canada, providing our patients with a broader selection of unique product formats to meet their needs and preferences. Our industry is only in the early stages of creating and bringing to market cannabinoid medicine options that meet patient needs. We are committed to building our leadership position in Canada now and into the future.”