Tilray launches new CBD products on Amazon in the UK

Tilray launches new CBD products on Amazon in the UK

The cannabis company is securing its spot in the global market

UK users who usually visit Amazon to make their purchases will now be able to add POLLEN to their shopping cart. The lifestyle brand with cannabidiol (CBD) and a new approach to wellness was recently announced by Tilray Brands. The world’s leading cannabis lifestyle company is looking to use the large eCommerce platform to reach many more users in the European country.

POLLEN was created with the intention to help simplify consumers’ routines and take the CBD experience to the next level. The brand is based on an unparalleled mix of CBD gummies and CBD drops in three different lines.

“No Pressure” comes with the intention of easing the pressure of daily stress while restoring your body’s natural rebound. Users looking to promote natural energy boosts should try “Powerbank,” while “Soothe You” is the essential line for balancing mind and body.

POLLEN has made sure that each of these products are formulated with high-quality CBD without leaving out the good-tasting ingredients. The brand is also suitable for vegans looking for improved wellness and to cope with everyday tasks. POLLEN CBD gummies offer a total of 300 mg of CBD per pack. Experts recommend testing them independently to get an accurate dosage every time.

In addition to being pesticide-free, all POLLEN products are plant-based and suitable for vegans. The brand has been developed by an award-winning team that offers the first innovation in the category on the market. CBD gummies and drops from the trio of new lines can now be found on Amazon UK. Tilray recommends keeping an eye out for a much wider launch at local retailers across the country and other online sites.



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