Tilray launches new fast-acting oral cannabis strips

Tilray launches new fast-acting oral cannabis strips

The cannabis company continues to step deeper into the medical marijuana market

Tilray, the world’s leading cannabis research, production, cultivation and distribution company, announced yesterday that Aphria, its medical subsidiary with which it merged a few months ago, has launched oral medical cannabis strips in strains rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Through a patented technology called “QuickStrip,” each strip of the recently launched product contains a thin, edible film containing different cannabinoids capable of dissolving quickly and is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

The goal of this product is to provide patients with a fast-acting dosing option with a never-before-seen experience, as well as being accurate and convenient for the relief of a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

Tilray’s President and CEO Irwin D. Simon assures that Aphria’s brands are fully committed to investing in patient wellness through an extensive portfolio of innovative and effective new product offerings. Most importantly, the crops are GMP-certified, which gives the medical community greater confidence in consuming the products developed by the company.

Needless to say, the launch of these Aphria brand medical strips comes at an ideal time, especially with the growing expansion of medical marijuana worldwide. “We believe we are exceptionally well-positioned in this high-growth, high-margin market moving forward. We look forward to extending our leadership in medical cannabis and to delivering value for patients and shareholders alike,” added Simon.

Available across Canada, the strips are available in three different cannabis portions, THC 10, CBD 20: 1 and THC: CBD 10:10 (soon to come). Consumers who purchase a pack of these oral strips from Aphria will find 30 individually wrapped strips for precise, single-dose administration.

Delivering on this mission means meeting patients ‘where they are,’ including those who are unable or reluctant to swallow medication or do not prefer the taste of cannabis oil. To address this need, Aphria has pioneered a superior, non-combustible, discreet, and easy-to-use method of consumption that utilizes micronized cannabinoids for rapid absorption and relief from a range of conditions,” added President at Tilray Canada Blair MacNeil.

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