Tilray launches new Good Supply Hash Bats pre-roll products

Tilray launches new Good Supply Hash Bats pre-roll products

Tilray continues to innovate and bring new products to the cannabis space

Tilray Brands, the global leader in the cannabis industry, always has positive news to offer its loyal consumers. This time, the company announced the launch of Good Supply Hash Bats, the brand’s exclusive version of infused pre-rolls.

Hash Bats, which now joins Good Supply’s award-winning portfolio of cannabis products, is based on a hash-infused pre-roll that, although smoked smoothly, has a very strong effect. Hash Bats, different from ordinary cannabis pre-rolls, can be considered the perfect combination of many consumers’ favorite strains and the magic of hashish for the ideal “hit.”

Michelle Morin, brand manager, said, “We are excited to introduce our version of infused pre-rolls to the Good Supply portfolio, which continues to bring our best-selling ‘good weed’ to Canadian consumers with its roster of high potency products. Since launching in Ontario in February, Hash Bats have already become one of our fastest-growing products for Good Supply.”

The main objective of this new product is to give consumers a never-before experience through pre-rolls. They keep the highest standards intact while delivering an even higher level of power for unmatched added impact. At only 0.5g, the size is sufficient to minimize the build-up of harshness and resin so that the experience is not compromised and still has incredible potency.

Good Supply Hash Bats are an option for the preferably experienced consumer because of their high potency. Essential for those looking for higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) rating at 26%, which is 5% higher than the average non-infused pre-roll.

The new products are currently available in select markets in Canada. The 0.5g pre-rolls will be just good enough for a smooth hit but still high enough to put you on cloud nine.