Tilray launches new platform to offer free medical cannabis resources to women

Tilray launches new platform to offer free medical cannabis resources to women

The company is providing new ways for women to understand the benefits of cannabis

According to reports, it is estimated that by 2030 the women’s health sector will have reached a market value of more than $58 billion in the US alone. This industry focuses on providing solutions to various problems affecting women, such as infertility, endometriosis, menopause and osteoporosis. Tilray Brands seeks to provide this community with free medical cannabis resources through a recently launched platform called “Take Back Control.”

Tilray Medical, the firm’s medical cannabis division, seeks to develop this platform in order to create a closer connection between women and free medical cannabis resources. The project would also help women’s healthcare practices destigmatize the use of medical cannabis.

Through the Take Back Control platform, individuals can access free consultations with health professionals focused on women’s health. These specialists are highly knowledgeable about the benefits of cannabis, providing the best suggestions to treat any condition naturally and effectively.

Cannabis has gone from being considered a dangerous drug to a panacea, and some countries have begun to change their stance on the substance. Reports show that in US marijuana epicenters such as California and Colorado, nearly half of all marijuana users are women. With a platform like this, women will be able to make more informed choices, guiding them on the right path to discovering how the plant can play a role in their daily healthcare practices.

Take Back Control simplifies the process of meeting with a women’s health professional. With it, they will be able to overcome challenges and needs through expert guidance to help start their medical cannabis healthcare journey.