Tilray looks to shareholders to support new growth initiatives

Tilray looks to shareholders to support new growth initiatives

Tilray’s CEO wants shareholders to approve a new shares distribution for expansion

Growth has always been and will always be a key piece for the success of a company in any industry, and what better example of this, than Tilray, the world’s leading consumer packaged goods and cannabis lifestyle company that is always looking for ways to be at the top of the mountain. However, it is well-known that shareholder support is of utmost importance in order to achieve all of these goals. This is why Tilray has just distributed an indirect statement, which included an open letter from Irwin D. Simon, the company’s chairman and CEO.

The recipients of this statement appear to be all shareholders, and the objective is to obtain their support for several important proposals that will be voted on at Tilray’s Special Shareholders’ Meeting on July 29. The idea is to get into their heads the idea that the proposals are beneficial for the growth of the company so that on the day that an agreement has to be reached, the majority of the shareholders will have a better understanding and will be able to deliberate in a simpler and more manageable way.

It has been said that Tilray is currently doing everything necessary to increase the number of authorized shares of common stock so that the process of acquiring and financing attractive businesses through the use of those shares will be easier. This will undoubtedly help Tilray to grow and create even greater value for the shareholders who are involved. On the other hand, Tilray has every intention of giving shareholders more rights, and for this, it has asked them to approve certain modifications and amendments to the organizational documents, which does not seem to be a problem since they would be the main beneficiaries in case the proposal becomes a reality.

Having harmony with the shareholders makes the growth of a company easier to achieve, as mutual agreement makes many processes achievable without the need for much debate, and thus the company benefits.