Tilray ready to introduce now high-potency cannabis product through Good Supply

Tilray ready to introduce now high-potency cannabis product through Good Supply

Tilray’s Good Supply subsidiary is bringing new cannabis products to consumer

Tilray, the leading global cannabis consumer and lifestyle products company, announced earlier this month the expansion of Good Supply’s award-winning marijuana portfolio. Through the latest launch, the company unveiled the brand’s products with new high potency concentrates, Hash Bats in Pineapple Express, Jean Guy Badder and Orange Frost Live Resin, available for a limited time.

Tilray is always looking to be a company that looks out for its consumers by bringing them new high-end products. Michelle Morin, brand manager for Good Supply, says the brand’s iconic strains are essential to provide a framework where consumers can find consistency while exploring a variety of formats.

“By offering our strains in new categories such as concentrates, it provides a novel experience for our consumers while delivering the personality of the strain that consumers know and love,” she adds. “Consumers can now explore Jean-Guy, Pineapple Express, and Orange Frost Live Resin at elevated potencies, stronger true-to-flower aromas, and different consumption styles.”

Pineapple Express Hash Bats is a flower ground from the classic Sativa-leaning hybrid strain, mostly known for its famous Trainwreck and Hawaiian lineage. Those who like high potency need not worry, as this infused with powdery hashish gets the job done.

On the other hand, Jean Guy Badder is a flower turned into butane hash oil concentrate. In order to create a high-quality full-spectrum Badder, state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction has been used, giving it unmatched potency and terpene content.

And Orange Frost Live Resin is certainly one that many should run for before it runs out, as it is a limited-time exclusive product from Good Supply. This live resin is made from 100% fresh, ultra-frozen buds. Orange Frost Live Resin retains the unmatched cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of this highly potent hybrid strain.