Tilray selects AMP as its exclusive marketing partner in Germany

Tilray selects AMP as its exclusive marketing partner in Germany

Tilray has found its perfect cannabis solution for operations in Germany

The right selection of an exclusive marketing partner can make a big difference in the success of a company for a specific population. Alternative Medical Products (AMP), a pharmaceutical supplier of medical and CBD (cannabidiol) therapeutic products with vast experience in Germany, seems to be what Tilray was looking for. The company has been appointed as the sole marketing partner for all Aphria-branded products imported or grown in the European country. Since Aphria and Tilray decided to merge in May, the combined company has been expanding internationally, and this is a clear effort to do so.

AMP’s new partnership with Tilray as its sole marketing partner in Germany for the Aphria brand was based on a marketing and supply agreement with CC Pharma GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tilray. There is no doubt that AMP has now marked a milestone in its history with the conclusion of this agreement by providing a complete catalog of medical cannabis products that physicians can use to treat their respective patients.

There is a wide variety in AMP’s catalog of Aphria branded medical products, ranging from flowers to cannabis extracts with different CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) contents. In addition to these products that doctors can prescribe to their patients, Tilray, in the middle of the year, started to cultivate and distribute in pharmacies the medical cannabis flower grown in Germany on behalf of BfArM.

Tilray’s nationwide pharmaceutical distribution network covering 13,000 pharmacies in Germany is where the large catalog of Aphria AMP and other medical cannabis products is hosted. The company also has other important AMP supply partnerships with distributors and pharmacies.

“Doctors are becoming increasingly familiar with the Aphria medical cannabis brand as it is the only German cultivated medical cannabis flower currently available for patients due to Tilray’s commitment to supply Germany with the highest-quality domestically cultivated and imported medical cannabis products for German patients,” said Dr. Stefan Feuerstein, President and Director of AMP.

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