Tilray signs new CBD distribution deal with Southern Glazer

Tilray signs new CBD distribution deal with Southern Glazer

The cannabis company is expanding its consumer reach across the US

Through its wellness division, Fresh Hemp Foods, Tilray Brands has said it has signed a distribution agreement with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Tilray wants its cannabidiol (CBD) products to be highly recognized in every corner of the US, and this joining of forces is a big step in continuing to achieve that goal.

The liquor distribution firm is based in Miami and will now have the responsibility of providing Tilray with important access to its distribution network. In a press release, Tilray made it clear that this move will be key to reaching consumers everywhere, from restaurants and bars to convenience stores and major supermarket chains nationwide.

Southern Glazer’s will now be tasked with shipping the company’s non-alcoholic CBD-infused beverages. The press release stated, “Southern Glazer’s will be the exclusive distribution partner for the Tilray Wellness CBD beverage portfolio across 13 states with additional opportunities to scale nationwide.”

This is not the first time Tilray has struck a major distribution deal. Last year the firm was able to partner with Great North Distributors for the distribution of the company’s adult-use cannabis products in Canada.

As announced by Tilray, Great North was established as a joint venture by the owners of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Tilray is not stopping its ongoing efforts to continue to be considered the leading brand in the cannabis market. Moves such as these denote the company’s dedication to the well-being of its large portfolio of customers.

Tilray showed strong results for the fiscal year ended May 31. In addition, the report showed “wellness” net income of $59.6 million. This term covers everything related to CBD products and hemp foods.

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