Tilray supports US workers’ right to choose abortion

Tilray supports US workers’ right to choose abortion

Roe v Wade may have been defeated, but Tilray recognizes the need to support its employees

Many industries have already begun to speak out against the ruling that eliminates the constitutional protection of abortion. Late last month, the US Supreme Court struck down the constitutional abortion protections established in Roe v. Wade and related rulings. Upon receiving the news, Tilray Brands, the Canadian cannabis giant, indicated that it will offer workers in the US coverage for expenses related to this abortion process.

The world’s leading cannabis company does not seem to agree with the recent decision taken in the US. That being the case, employees working in the country will receive all the necessary support from the company when it comes to seeking an abortion, which after being protected for five decades, has been annulled.

Among the benefits Tilray has announced are travel and lodging coverage, as well as paid time off while the woman recovers from the ordeal. This applies to all employees who need to travel to a different state where the procedure is still allowed. For the time being, states such as Texas have already adhered to the new statute, so female workers who are residents there could benefit from this new coverage.

“At Tilray Brands, the health and safety of our employees, patients and consumers is our top priority,” Tilray CEO Irwin Simon noted in a tweet on June 28. “We are updating our health care benefits for all Tilray US employees to include transportation expenses for employees and their covered family members to receive access to the reproductive care they need and choose.

Beyond the cannabis industry, Canadian companies such as Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Scotiabank have also been reported to continue to assist employees with all of these costs. It also adds several companies in the video game industry in the US. Tilray did not want to be left out of the bag, and as a globally recognized company, always seeks to make its employees feel the support as a token of appreciation that has helped position the company where it is today.


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