Tilray’s Canaca brand is launching new products

Tilray’s Canaca brand is launching new products

The cannabis MSO continues to find new ways to give consumers innovative products

For all those consumers who are fans of terpene-rich products, Tilray brings a new collection that is sure to delight. Canaca, the cannabis lifestyle brand from the world leader in the industry, has decided to launch Bursts and Darts, an option for those looking to try something different and take their experience to the next level.

The new SKUs include Fruitsplosion and Parmigiano Dankiano Bursts, as well as Fruitsplosion and Magic Mochaccino Darts, expanding Canaca’s family to give consumers a portfolio of options based on their needs. Tilray continues to prove once again why its marijuana brands continue to dominate the market.

Canaca Bursts are made from a curated blend of strains, rich in terpenes, thanks to their coarse ground whole flower processing. This product is customizable and offers high convenience for consumers to add to any method of personal consumption. Regardless of how it is packaged or rolled, Bursts provide the perfect fuel for consumption sessions.

Canaca Dards, on the other hand, are made from the same terpene-rich ground flower found in bursts. Their blend of cured strains makes their flavors unexpected. In order to provide an on-the-go experience – (solo or social), these multi-slim pre-rolls feature an extended filter that provides a smooth and consistent burn.

Users can get a ten-pack of 0.4g darts now available in the new Canaca varieties, with Fruitsplosion and Magic Mochaccino also available in Ontario. Bursts are in the same region in 7g bags of Canaca’s newest strains: Parmigiano Dankiano and Fruitsplosion. Both products are expected to have national launches in the spring.