Tilray’s Good Supply Brand expands its cannabis portfolio

Tilray’s Good Supply Brand expands its cannabis portfolio

The company has partnered with the Société Québécoise du cannabis to increase its footprint

Tilray Brands, Inc., the leading global cannabis-lifestyle company, announced today that Good Supply, its cannabis brand, has launched Hash-Infused pre-rolls in Quebec in collaboration with Societe Quebecoise du cannabis. This new category of pre-rolls with infused cannabis is designed to meet the growing demand from Quebec consumers for high-quality, consistent pre-roll options.

Good Supply’s Infused pre-rolls are different from standard cannabis pre-rolls. They combine Jean Guy and Starwalker Kush strains with a premium hash mix. Pre-rolls infused with THC have an average of 26%. They contain approximately two-thirds dried cannabis and one-third powdered hemp. The package contains three pre-rolls.

Good Supply is Canada’s top cannabis brand in pre-rolls and concentrates. It has been a favorite among consumers as well as budtenders. Good Supply believes that good is the new greatest. Good Supply is rooted in classic strains that pack more than their weight. Good Supply is one of Canada’s top-selling pre-roll and concentrate brands. It is also known for its innovative approach to its product portfolio.

God Supply isn’t the only Tilray-backed company to receive support in Canada. Recently, Sour OG by Broken Coast was singled out by Complex as one of the top cannabis strains available to consumers.

Formerly known as “Ruxton,” Sour OG from Tilray’s Broken Coast, another great brand with proven products in most parts of Canada, blends two stalwart strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, for an amazing sour-sativa experience. The strong lime and diesel smells from the green and purple buds open up to a strong flavor profile of diesel, citrus, and it doesn’t get any quieter.

You’ll feel your heartbeat in the toes if you smoke enough. Users report an uplifting feeling that can be used to tidy up the house, go out with friends for dinner, play vids or do all of these things in any order.

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