Tilray’s Good Supply brand launches new consumer products

Tilray’s Good Supply brand launches new consumer products

The cannabis company has a broad line of new products it’s bringing to the market

Tilray Brands’ various brands are always thinking about innovation to meet the demand of its large consumer base. That’s why the world’s leading cannabis consumer goods and lifestyle company announced earlier this week the growth of its portfolio of best-selling Good Supply marijuana brands and the launch of its latest project focused on the very popular flower.

With this news, the company makes it clear that consumers will now be able to find new pre-roll strains, larger pre-roll packs, and new ground flower and hash products. The launch is exclusive to select provinces in Canada.

Orange Frosting Flower is one of the new products included in the Good Supply line. Full of floral and orange aromas thanks to its unique and rich terpene profile, this new sativa-leaning hybrid delivers an uplifting effect.

If the idea is to leave the stress of everyday life behind, Daily Grind Milled Flower is the answer. After grinding whole flower buds, this product provides a consistent and versatile size. It can be found in stores in Alberta in 30g and in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan in 14g.

The everyday cannabis consumer looking for convenience should give the Pre-Rolls Party Pack a try. These new 10-pack and 14-pack pre-rolls from Good Supply are available in Orange Frosting (hybrid) and Sweet Berry Kush (Indica) strains.

Focused on full indica only, the new flavor-packed Watermelon Pre-rolls pre-roll strain is destined to become a favorite of many. It features a terpene-dominant blend of caryophyllene, humulene, and myrcene. It will be available for a limited time only in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan as a 3×0.5g pre-roll offering.

And finally, there is Temple Ball Hash, combining antiquity with modern Nepalese style. This is a 2g hand-rolled ball with a shiny dark brown exterior and high levels of TCH. This product can also be found on the shelves in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

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