Tilray’s Good Supply brand launches new line of cannabis pre-rolls

Tilray’s Good Supply brand launches new line of cannabis pre-rolls

The cannabis company continues to innovate and offer unique products to consumers

Good Supply remains one of the most recognized brands of Tilray, the world’s leading cannabis consumer and lifestyle products company. Their most popular product portfolio in Canada now gets to expand once again to meet the needs of all customers, unveiling the launch of their latest innovation of pre-rolls infused with “MONSTERS.”

Made through a combination of two of Good Supply’s most potent and exclusive strains, these MONSTERS pre-rolls promise to be an amazing product, coming in at 2.38 grams and 42.0% THC (420 mg/g). MONSTERS are, without a doubt, unparalleled in the market and have now been officially registered. The new release is quite different from other offerings of other pre-roll-infused products on the Canadian market.

In addition to being coated in extract and dipped in kief to achieve 1000 mg of THC, the pre-rolls feature a unique formulation of strain-specific ground flower infused with strain-specific BHO. Their THC content is the highest allowed in a package, making them Canada’s strongest products.

There will be two unique presentations in which Good Supply MONSTERS pre-rolls can be obtained. First is the sativa version, the Golden Guy infused pre-roll. Those who prefer Indica effects can opt for the Monkey Walker infused pre-roll. This product offers a monstrous blend of Monkey Butter and Starwalker Kush BHO ground flower.

These monster pre-rolls, in addition to having the maximum allowable THC content of 1000mg, have been created with the intention of providing a smooth smoking experience, using an XL filter and an enhanced burn thanks to its extract coating. Good Supply continues to be a leader in the Canadian market and therefore continues to strive to provide a variety of marijuana experiences for consumers to discover.

Good Supply offers some of the most popular consumer cannabis brands in the concentrates and pre-roll category. The latest options join a growing list of innovative products that continue to see Good Supply’s portfolio expand.

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