Tilray’s Good Supply cannabis brand launches Peppermint Phatty

Tilray’s Good Supply cannabis brand launches Peppermint Phatty

The cannabis company is rolling out new products with great potential

The Good Supply line of vaporizers has become a key footprint for Tilray Brands in the cannabis space. In order to maintain that solid recognition, the leading global cannabis consumer and lifestyle products company unveiled the launch of the Peppermint Phatty 510 vaporizer. The Good Supply portfolio has never looked so good and consumers now have an extra option to enjoy vaporizing.

Peppermint Phatty is the last remaining product to complete the end-of-year festivities. It is packed with aromas of vanilla and peppermint and topped off with a light, refreshing scent. These 510 1 g cartridges are so far the most powerful vaporizer in the line, especially for those who are looking for an enhanced experience without leaving the refreshing mint flavor aside.

“With the launch of Peppermint Phatty, our most refreshing tasting vape yet, customers can expect the same features like high-quality cartridges and innovative flavour formulations that have made Good Supply so recognizable and respected among Canadian cannabis enthusiasts,” said Michelle Morin, Brand Manager. Morin adds that the Peppermint Phatty vaporizer is now available at all retailers in Canada.

A few months ago, Good Supply also announced the expansion of its product offering in Quebec with the launch of hash-infused pre-rolls. The move came after forming a partnership with the Société Québécoise du cannabis (SQDC). The new infused pre-roll category has been tasked with meeting consumer demand for higher and more consistent potency pre-roll options in the region.

The company is always focused on innovation, a tradition that characterizes Tilray. Its status in Canada has risen to extraordinary levels, making it a favorite of many enthusiasts looking for quality flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers and concentrates.