Tilray’s Manitoba Harvest signs new exclusive deal with Whole Foods Market

Tilray’s Manitoba Harvest signs new exclusive deal with Whole Foods Market

The wholly-owned subsidiary has scored a huge partnership with the grocery chain

Tilray Brands’ wholly-owned subsidiary Manitoba Harvest is doing everything it can to extend its footprint. In order to achieve this, the world’s leading hemp food brand has unveiled a new launch of Hemp+ Matcha and Hemp+ Supergreens powders through an exclusive agreement with the huge Whole Foods Market chain. This means the innovative product will now have a presence in more than 300 locations, hitting shelves nationwide starting this month.

“We are thrilled to be working with Whole Foods Market to launch our new Hemp+ powders, Matcha and Supergreens. Whole Foods seeks out the finest natural and organic foods available. This exclusive release is a testament to our product quality and hemp’s increasing popularity,” said Jared Simon, president of Manitoba Harvest.

The power of hemp has combined to bring Manitoba Harvest’s new Hemp+ Matcha and Supergreens powders. They are made with complementary plant-based ingredients that have also been making a big splash in recent years. Consumers have the opportunity to choose the additional benefits of Matcha-based caffeine or the different minerals and vitamins that are brought in thanks to Supergreens. Each serving includes a total of six grams of plant-based protein and approximately 2.5 grams of hemp fiber.

Megan Causgrove, Global Category Merchant at Whole Foods Market, said the firm is extremely excited to offer customers an extended offering of formats in the hemp seed segment, whereby they have the ability to gain multiple benefits. Whole Foods is aware that Manitoba Harvest is a quality brand and that its products are positioned to satisfy and delight consumers who come to its chains.

Around 348 Whole Foods locations will exclusively carry Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp+ Matcha on their shelves for a limited time. On the other hand. Hemp+ Supergreens will be available for purchase in 382 stores across North America. After a 90-day period, both products will be available at Whole Foods Market and other locations in Canada and the US.