Tilray’s Montauk Brewing rolls out in the Northeast

Tilray’s Montauk Brewing rolls out in the Northeast

The cannabis company’s beverage arm is adding products to several states

The Northeast area of the country will soon be able to start enjoying Montauk’s coveted craft beers. According to a recent announcement from Tilray Brands, Montauk Brewing continues to follow through on its expansion plans, now establishing its footprint in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

Montauk Brewing is considered the number one and exponentially growing craft brewery in the New York metropolitan area. Best known for its esteemed portfolio of craft beers, Montauk Brewing has proven to be highly successful in Wave Chaser sales.

Distributed throughout the aforementioned states, the brand is now available in over 3,500 points of distribution, including major national retailers. 7-Eleven, BJ’s, Costco, Target, Trader Joe’s, Speedway, Walmart, Wegman’s are some of them.

“Growing Montauk Brewing’s distribution across the northeast in New York and New Jersey and expanding into new states, including Connecticut, and Rhode Island, was a strategic first step in our expansion plan,” said Ty Gilmore, President of US Beer for Tilray Brands. “Montauk Brewing has enormous potential to grow into a true national brand, and we will continue to leverage our existing nationwide infrastructure to expand the brand’s distribution and growth through innovation for all channels and consumers, building a diversified portfolio while giving our fans what they want.”

Montauk Brewing made big leaps last year after expanding its product portfolio to include 19.2 oz. cans and launched Ocean Series, a higher-end six-pack. In addition to being known for its various seasonal classics, Montauk Brewing is expanding this 2023 on opportunity styles and larger case sizes that have proven successful on a smaller scale. The company’s vision is to always meet the needs and trends that arise in this drinking community.