Tilray’s RIFF subsidiary launches new cannabis products

Tilray’s RIFF subsidiary launches new cannabis products

The cannabis company is introducing a new line of pre-rolls called Drumsticks

Adding new products to keep the customer base satisfied seems to be one of the main objectives of Tilray and its different brands. The world leader in the cannabis and consumer packaged goods industry has recently announced that RIFF, its candy brand, is expanding its product portfolio. To achieve this, it has launched a new premium pre-roll called Drumsticks. The product is infused with amplified THC potency and fruity aromas. There is no doubt that it will be a sensation among many cannabis lovers.

RIFF Drumsticks are specially produced in limited quantities and are made from the whole flower of Granddaddy Purp. Their aromas of berries and grapes, rolled in unbleached paper, give them a unique touch. In addition, they come dipped in sticky distillate and coated in a bed of kief, ideal for providing the ultimate RIFF experience.

These infused pre-rolls certainly stand out from the rest and, with their high THC potency, are especially suited to give the necessary high and provide a moment of relaxation. Ontario users can now go to the various dispensaries to get their hands on the Drumsticks and enjoy what RIFF has to offer.

“We’re excited to launch new innovative products that hit home for cannabis consumers looking for products that taste good and provide a heightened experience,” said Kyle Asselstine, RIFF Brand Manager. “RIFF is a brand dedicated to perfecting the art of cannabis and we can’t wait to share our upcoming releases.”

RIFF is a brand that was born from a joint effort with the commitment to provide cannabis solutions to customers. The brand celebrates the joy of connecting with others and encouraging our community to create something meaningful, for infinite reinvention.