Tilray’s SweetWater Brewing launches new lager

Tilray’s SweetWater Brewing launches new lager

The cannabis company’s continued focus on beverages is paying off

Tilray Brands’ subsidiaries are known for always being at the forefront and offering their customer base more and more products. SweetWater Brewing Company is undoubtedly one of them, always thinking about customer tastes and building on these experiences to deliver high-quality products. Atlanta’s craft beer pioneer and the 10th largest craft brewery in the country has recently announced a new crisp lager to its year-round craft beer lineup.

SweetWater Lager hits the market, presenting itself as a clean-bodied beer enhanced with spicy notes of floral hops. The release is already available on draft and is expected to be available in 12-packs of 12 12-ounce cans at select US retailers beginning next month. At 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), the new Lager is an easy-drinking beer and is destined to become a favorite of many.

The beverage is brewed with a 100% pilsner grain bill to create a refreshing taste with small hints of bitterness. Hallertau and Crystal hops make the flavor distinctive with mild notes of spicy flowers. As demand for golden ales continues to grow, SweetWater adds this approachable, low-ABV beer to its range of heady brews. The firm’s idea is to quench beer drinkers’ thirst with a slightly lighter beverage.

“Crisp. Clean. Crushable. SweetWater’s new Lager is an easy thirst-quenching beer with a little SweetWater twist on the brew with some added hops that keep this beer tasting crisp and refreshing,” says Ty Gilmore. President, US Beer at Tilray Brands. “This SweetWater Lager is the perfect go-to beer when you’re looking to crack a few cold ones after a long day – fishing, working, boating, and you name it. With the addition of its new Lager, SweetWater now has a beer for everyone, and these sure go down easy.”