Tilray’s SweetWater just launched a plant-based, non-dairy almond milk stout

Tilray’s SweetWater just launched a plant-based, non-dairy almond milk stout

The cannabis company’s attention to beverages hints at bigger things to come

SweetWater Brewing Company has always been committed to bringing unique beverages to the palate of all its consumers, and in an effort to achieve that goal, has once again announced the launch of its new and innovative Non-Dairy Almond Milk Stout. Backed by cannabis brand Tilray, the continued expansion of the company’s footprint could be a hint of bigger things to come.

Considered the latest version of the classic dairy milk stout, the stout promises to come packed with bold flavors, especially for those consumers looking for a unique twist. The deliciously smooth and dark beverage maintains an authentic, strong flavor balanced with a subtle almond sweetness to create the ultimate stout drinking experience.

This recent plant-based non-dairy almond milk stout was created with the desires of all dark beer drinkers and lovers in mind with plant-based ingredients that provide what is needed to form a quality dark beer. Non-Dairy Almond Milk Stout comes to complete the line of seasonal beers in SweetWater’s plans. The new twist on its flavor will surprise more than one and will leave the consumer wishing they had gotten more.

“Our goal with crafting a dairy-free brew was to brew a milk stout for today’s consumer, one that breaks the mold from what we’re used to seeing on the market,” said Brian Mieski, CMO at SweetWater. “We’re very excited to introduce an innovative new stout that stays true to the tasty flavoring of traditional full-flavored authentic milk stouts, but future-forward given the non-dairy milk that consumers have taken to today.”

This innovative new product from SweetWater is a seasonal catch-and-release feature, which will be available for a limited time in six-packs and a seasonal variety pack of 12oz cans. Boasting an ABV of 5.4%, the new stout promises to deliver the highest quality and taste of SweetWater’s full line of innovative beers.