Tilray’s We Care cannabis platform helps boost the medical marijuana industry

Tilray’s We Care cannabis platform helps boost the medical marijuana industry

The platform is helping all facets of the cannabis space enhance their interaction

The Internet is advancing by leaps and bounds every day, and with it grow business opportunities based on positioning and offering Internet users information, products, and services that they can find at a click away. Nowadays, having a platform within the cannabis industry is practically a must, and it is something that Tilray Brands agrees with. To this end, the firm’s developers have created a cannabis platform called We Care, where the brand seeks to promote everything related to the medical marijuana industry.

It is almost a rule that cannabis users and consumers today, before purchasing a service or a product, do an Internet search to review the characteristics of the product and the company that provides it. Being informed about everything that is going on in the medical marijuana industry also seems to be something that Tilray is interested in sharing.

We Care offers information for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals alike. By clicking on the top right, these three options will be displayed, so that the user can navigate according to their characteristics. In the patient options, you can find several tables with important information, such as what medical cannabis is about, its history, current regulation, and even why many people have opted for its treatments.

The same options will be displayed for both caregivers and health professionals. However, the content will vary as it will be necessary information that some experts may be looking for when prescribing, dosing, and administering any cannabis-related medication.

On the home page, Tilray makes clear what is the real importance of the company with respect to its operation in the world of medical cannabis. The website states, “The WE CARE platform was developed to become the most trusted and respected resource on the Internet for questions about medicinal cannabis. Whether you are just learning about medicinal cannabis, or if you already have a foundation of knowledge, this website can serve as your one-stop resource for further insights about many aspects of medicinal cannabis.”