Update on Aurora Cannabis/UFC deal

Update on Aurora Cannabis/UFC deal

The two entities will be investigating the benefits of cannabis for athletes

A few months ago, Aurora Cannabis (TSE: ACB) announced a new partnership with the UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, that will research cannabis and its effects on athletes. Specifically, the two want to find out more about cannabidiol (CBD) and how it treats pain and inflammation, but the deal will also lead to a lucrative product line if the research is as productive as the two entities expect. As the partnership is being developed, Aurora and the UFC have provided additional details of what will take place, and how.

Clinical trials will be conducted using CBD, which could ultimately lead to a line of hemp-derived CBD topical solutions for athletes. 30 UFC athletes have already agreed to volunteer for the study, and the UFC’s VP of Performance, Dr. Duncan French, asserts, “Collaborating with Aurora is the best way to educate ourselves and our fighters about the impact of CBD on MMA athletes and our sport. We want to apply science and see where it leads us. Ideally, these studies will give us the clarity we need to determine the effectiveness of hemp-derived CBD on athlete health and injury recovery.”

Some believe there is a fallacy in any research that has a final marketable agenda, but the case with Aurora and the UFC is different. The studies will be led by Jason Dyck, Ph.D., the chair of the Global Scientific Oversight Committee for Aurora and all results will be sent to an independent ethics review board, as well as a peer review group, before any products are developed. The results will also be submitted for review and publication in leading scientific journals, which will further minimize the possibility that the results would be based on anything other than actual science.

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